Bowhunting Program

WSAA Bowhunting Awards Application!

Return this form to the Vice President of Bowhunting,

Wyoming State Archery Association.

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As a member in good standing of the Wyoming State Archery Association, I am stating that I have taken with a bow and arrow the following number of big game animals in the state of Wyoming with the bow and arrow under the rules of fair chase while I have been a resident of the State of Wyoming.

Number of Animals I have taken in the State of Wyoming while a member in good standing of the  Wyoming State Archery Association under the rules of fair chase with the bow and arrow is:_____

The number of animals include the following:
Circle those taken:

Mule Deer
Whitetail Deer     Elk
Moose     Antelope
Bighorn Sheep
Black Bear
Mountain Goat
Mountain Lion

OTHERS: __________________________________________________


If my number of animals is less than ten, this is a statement of my archery hunting achievements to be kept by the Vice President of Bowhunting of the Wyoming State Archery Association for use in determining if I have met the criteria of meeting the ONE TIME bowhunting achievement award of the association’s Bowhunter’s Honor Roll of ten big game animals.

I affirm that my statements of achievement of bowhunting archery are accurate and correct.

NAME: _________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________

DATE OF STATEMENT: ___________________________________________

Return this form to the Vice President of Bowhunting of the Wyoming Archery Association.

Thank You,

Current Vice President of Bowhunting: Shane Kinsel