About WSAA

Wyoming State Archery Association (WSAA)  is affiliated with the National Field Archery Association for the purpose of promoting field archery in all its aspects.

The purpose of WSAA is to:

    • Unite all field archery associations, club organizations and individuals within the State of Wyoming into one unit that will work toward the development of the sport of archery.
    • To provide the basic plan by which individual archers can organize into field archery clubs that will affiliate with the WSAA.
    • To foster, expand, promote and perpetuate the practice of field archery and bow hunting in the State of Wyoming.
    • To encourage the use of the bow and arrow in the hunting of all legal game birds and animals.
    • To protect, improve and increase the sport of hunting with bow and arrow.
    • To conduct tournaments and determine state champions in all archery games adopted by the WSAA.
    • To cooperate with other archery associations to foster and perpetuate the use of the bow and arrow in accordance with its ancient and honorable traditions.
    • To foster and perpetuate a spirit of good fellowship and sportsmanship among all archers.
    • To evolve and conduct programs that will give recognition to archers for proficiency with the bow and arrow in all sanctioned competitions and hunting.
    • To regularly inform each member in good standing as to the major problems and issues affecting the sport of archery and hunting with the bow and arrow so that the membership may make its will known
      to its duly elected representatives

Mission Statement – The Wyoming State Archery Association is organized exclusively for educational, charitable, sport of archery and bowhunting.
The fundamental goal of the Wyoming State Archery Association is to provide and maintain, for the membership, the sport of archery in all its forms to include, but not limited, to field archery, 3-D Archery, indoor target, outdoor target for education, learning, practicing, and competition for the good of all members, youth and adults, of the Wyoming State Archery Association and the citizens of Wyoming operating within and
accordance with the laws of Wyoming.

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