Wyoming State Archery Association News 04-09-2021

Virtual Tournament 

No additional scores for the state mail-in 300 round championships 2021 have been received making the scores posted the final. Championship plaques will be mailed when the individual printed plaque labels are received.

Officer News

Bill Heineke, President, and Glenn Reed, Vice President of Bowhunting have approved Mike Hover from Cheyenne, Cheyenne Field Archers, to be the Vice President of the Wyoming Archery Association.

Bill will be staying on as President at least till end of April 2021. He has a few projects to finish including the Wyoming State Archery Association Indoor Championship 2021 work.

Mike Hoover as Vice President will assume chief administrative duties at the end of April. You may reach Mike by email or phone (307) 220-2325.

Will be filling soon open WSAA officer positions – Vice President, secretary, and treasurer positions.

The agenda of the Wyoming State Archery Association includes but is not limited to:

 (1) increasing the network and related communication with all Wyoming Archery Association Clubs. Clubs are invited to submit their contact information including e-mail address, websites, Facebook page, club officers, and phone numbers. Your club need not be an affiliate member club of the Wyoming State Archery Association to have this information posted. This information may be sent by email. Please make sure your submissions are accurate. The 28 mailings for the 2021 indoor tournament resulted in six being returned.

(2) informing clubs of the benefits of Wyoming State Archery Association club membership which includes having insurance coverage of your tournaments and co-hosting one the state championship shoots. Member clubs elect/appoint representatives to participate in the governance of the Wyoming State Archery Association. Make your voice heard. 

(3) informing individuals of the benefits of being a member of the state association including participation in state championship shoots, Bowhunters Honor Roll award, Youth and Adult Archer’s of the Year awards, and, if your state membership is through the National Field Archery Association, a bowhunter’s insurance policy.

Upcoming Shoots

If you have dates for your club shoots, please submit them by email. Again, this is done as a courtesy to all Wyoming Archery Clubs. Your club need not be an affiliate member for this listing on WSAA website.

Yours In Archery, Bill Heineke