Hello Members current and lapsed. 

WSAA is looking for board members to lead the organization for the next year in promoting archery across the state. The board positions do not take up much time throughout the year. The main time commitments are during the state tournaments and attending one hour online meetings up to four times a year. 

President – Presides over all WSAA meetings and is the face of the WSAA. Answers questions and concerns of members and the public. The position does not require much time but being able to respond to comments is critical. 

Vice President – Is the backup for the President and assists him in his duties. Is also the governing officer at the state tournaments. 

Vice President of Bowhunting –  Is responsible for the bowhunting duties for the WSAA, including the small and big game office, and promotes the views of hunting with a bow. 

Secretary/Treasurer – Is responsible for the administrative end of the organization. Some of these duties include managing the facebook page, making flyers for events, ordering supplies and sending out plaques. All these duties have been simplified by using Google Drive. Everything is organized and already created to simplify these tasks.  

State NFAA Director – shall perform the duties outlined in the NFAA constitution.

To nominate yourself please fill out this form. We will take nominations up until July 1st and then will open it up to voting for 2 weeks.

Some of you may have participated in the survey we held this year. I wanted to share with you some of the highlights. 

  • 32 people responded to the survey. 
  • The majority do not want to lose the WSAA, but only 5 people would be willing to be on the board. 
  • 22 out of 32 people want hunting recognition back – Good number of people willing to help out to do that as well. (Nominating yourself for VP of bowhunting is a way to do this)
  • 75% of respondents are ok with multiple locations for indoor shoots. 
  • Survey Charts and more details

2024 Outdoor Target

Reminder only 3 State shoots left this year.
Outdoor Target – Info below
State Field – Gillette – July 13/14 – More details coming soon.
State 3D – Newcastle – August 9-11 – More details coming soon.

2024 Updates and Shoot Info

We have some changes coming to the 2024 State Championships.

We are looking to replace the vacant President position and a replacement for the Secretary Treasurer. So, if you are interested, please talk to one of the current board members.

WSAA will no longer offer a WSAA only membership. You must be an NFAA member and select Wyoming as your state to be a WSAA member. All WSAA memberships will have to be paid for using the NFAA Sport80 website. If you are not an NFAA/Wyoming member you will no longer be able to compete for awards at the State Championships. You can still participate in the shoots under the “guest” class. This change gets the WSAA back in compliance with the NFAA constitution and bylaws, specifically Article III B and its subsections.

We are trying something new and hosting the indoor tournament at three locations this year. The intent behind this is to reduce the amount of traveling shooters have to do. If this is successful for shooters, clubs and the WSAA board we may be doing this more in the future for indoor shoots. This method is highly dependent on Clubs wanting to participate in hosting shoots.

The WSAA board is working on updating the WSAA Constitution and Bylaws. Once a draft of updates is ready it will be shared with all WSAA members to add additional comments to and eventually vote on. More info on this coming soon.

2024 WSAA Vegas Championship will be held at Wind River Archers in Pinedale Wy on January 13 and 14, 2024. Registration will open at 8am and line times are 9am, 12pm, and 3pm. Sunday lines will be flighted and times will be announced at the shoot.

NFAA NW Sectionals and WSAA Championships will be held the weekend of February 24 and 25th. We are trying something new and will be hosting both the NFAA Sectionals and WSAA Championships at THREE locations.  The locations are Cheyenne Field Archers, Gillette Pronghorn Archery Club and Pinedale Wind River Archers. All three locations will shoot on Saturday and Sunday with Saturdays line times being 9am, 12pm and 3pm. For the WSAA Championships you can sign up at the door or sign up on the NFAA Website if you are shooting the NW Sectionals.  

NW Sectional Shoot Details

  1. Online registration is required prior to shooting for all archers, including walk-in archers who have not already registered. If archers need help registering online, they can call the NFAA Headquarters during normal business hours for assistance. A paper registration form will be provided for walk-in archers to use as a last resort if Sport:80 is not an option.
  2. A $15 late fee will apply for archers who register after the Early Registration Deadline of 3 calendar days prior to the event. 
  3. Electronic scoring on personal devices will be used at all sectional locations. More information and detailed instructions will be provided prior to the event. Scores will be cumulated by division across all sections to provide archers with a national ranking.
  4. Visit the Sectional Championships webpage linked HERE for event format details, rules, and more information.

Cheyenne Registration

Gillette Registration

Pinedale Registration

2023 3D Shoot

If you would like to register online, Cambria has added WSAA as a part of their registration at www.cambriabowhunters.net just be sure to add the item to your cart!

*Online registration will be closing Wednesday August 9th due to no internet service at 3D but you can still register in person.

Officer Voting is Now open

Voting is now open for the Wyoming State Archery Association officers. Please check your emails for a link to vote. If you did not get an email send an email to WSAA on Facebook or send a message on this site and I will get you the link.

Voting will close on July 8th at 5pm.

Running for President

Currently Keegan has been nominated for President. We are still taking nominations for board positions. New board will take over in August at the State 3d.

I am Keegan Hodges,  my family and I reside in Ranchester.  I am retired military. 

My archery experience is I started shooting in the 90s.  I started shooting more than just hunting about 6 years ago when my son decided he wanted to compete.   When we lived in Oregon I was vice president of indoor tournaments at our archery club.  During that time I oversaw various indoor tournaments and leagues.  I was also one of the Vice Presidents of Oregon Bowhunters.  My family and are members of NFAA and participate in as many national tournaments as we can. 

My vision for Wyoming State Archery Association is I would like grow the amount of participation at our tournaments and membership. I would work towards this by trying to work with local clubs and archery shops and create awareness.  Basically I would try to build on the foundation that is currently in place from our current and past members.