April 2022 Board Meeting Highlights

Upcoming WSAA Shoots
State Target in Casper on June 18-19.
State Field changed – now in Casper on July 23-24
State 3D in Newcastle on August 13-14

State Director Board Position – We are accepting letters of intent to fill this position. We will vote on the applicants in July. Please prepare a letter of intent with resume and picture and submit to the secretary no later than June 15th. Include how long a WSAA member, NFAA member, how long involved in archery, past archery related positions held, any ideas to move WSAA forward, and why you want to be the WSAA State Director. This is your chance to sell yourself. Also check out the bylaws for responsibilities.

Full Meeting Minutes

State Indoor / NFAA NW Sectionals

Thank you everyone that showed up and supported the State Association and Pronghorn Archery Club this past weekend.

Three State Records were broken

  • Kelly Kinsel – AFFS – Broke the one-day record with 300 points and 53X
  • Chad Coody – SMTRAD – Broke the one-day record with 252 points and 8x and the two-day record with 500 points and 11X
  • James Metzner – SSMBHFS – Broke the one-day record with 297 36X and the two-day record with 592 and 70X.
  • Congratulations to the new record holders.

State Vegas 450 Final Results

Click Link for Final Scores.

Thanks to everyone that came out.

Three State Records were broken

  • Ramie Haines – SSMFS – Broke the one-day record with a score of 447 and 26X and the two-day record with 893 and 54X.
  • Fran Ohlsen – SMFS – broke the two-day record with a score of 891 and 57X
  • Nathan Hedge – AMBHFS – tied the one-day state record with a score of 447 and 24X.
  • James Metzner – SSMBHFS – set the one-day state record with a score of 430 and 11X and the two-day record with 857 and 54X.
  • Congratulations to the new record holders.


  • Cheyenne Field Archers will host the State Vegas on January 22-23, 2022 – Cheyenne
  • Pronghorn Archers will host the State Blueface on February 26-27, 2022 – Gillette
  • Lost Arrow will host the State Target on June 18-19, 2022 – Casper
  • Cody Archery Club will host the State Field shoot on July 9-10, 2022 – Cody
  • Cambria Bowhunters will host the State 3d on August 13-14, 2022 – Newcastle

Notes from the October Meeting can be found on the website

WSAA Board Meeting

WSAA held its first board meeting, since electing new officers, on Tuesday August 31, 2021. Minutes from this meeting can be found on this website. WSAA board is seeking club representatives to attend the next board meeting on Tuesday October 12, 2021. We will be discussing and setting shoot dates. Currently we are looking for clubs that would be interested in hosting any of the State shoots. Clubs must be chartered with NFAA/WSAA and current on the range inspection to host. We are looking for your help and input. Below are dates we are considering.

  • State Vegas – before the Vegas shoot
  • Sate Indoor – March 5-6
  • State Target – June 18 -19
  • State Field July 9-10
  • State 3D – Before September 1st

State 3D Results – 2021

Congratulation to all the winners. Thank you to everyone that shot the state tournament. BIG shout out to the Cambria Bow Hunters Club thank you for co-hosting the tournament.
Good Luck hunting this season.

Acting WSAA President

Michael Hoover

State 3D Results

August Update

2021 Wyoming State Field Championship results – I would like to Thank the Lost Arrow Archers , Neal Ruebush, Jim Toombs and Kray Lutz for ensuring we had a successful tournament.

The nominations for officers has closed and we will be sending out ballots soon.

Next State shoot is State 3D which will be held in conjunction with the Cambria bowhunters shoot in New Castle on August 13-15, 2021.  Hope to see you there.

Acting President – Michael Hoover

Shoot Straight

OPEN WSAA Officer Positions

Bill Heineke is working towards the end of being the president of WSAA. Mike Hover, WSAA Vice President, has decided to take nominations for the following positions:

President, Vice President and Secretary/Tresurer

NOTE: Nominations for WSAA Officers until Noon on July 31, 2021

Send nominations here.

Elections will be at a later date.